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The mission of Synergy School is to provide a quality education by empowering children to flourish academically, to blossom as individuals, and to become self-confident, creative learners.

The Synergy educational journey takes place in an environment based on encouragement, cooperation, mutual respect, and responsibility. Our approach inspires confidence and allows each child to work and develop at his/her own pace. An excellent teacher-student ratio helps each child to feel known and valued and able to take personal risks.

Education at Synergy is both challenging and joyful. Active, hands-on learning fosters each child’s curiosity, critical thinking skills, and love of discovery. Strong conceptual foundations are built through challenging explorations in all academic subjects. A rich and varied curriculum is taught with the expectation that each child will strive for personal and academic excellence.

At Synergy there is a commitment to developing global awareness and to learning to appreciate and honor differences both inside and outside the school community. We affirm the necessity of creating and sustaining a socially just, equitable environment, which actively works against racism and all forms of bias.  We accomplish these goals through ongoing curriculum development, teacher selection and training, and by actively recruiting and supporting a diverse student population.

Synergy’s approach to children’s behavior is based on cooperation, logical and natural consequences, and the belief that we all have the ability to look at ourselves honestly, to change, and to grow.  The Agreement System is a vehicle through which our philosophy is expressed. It is a unifying force in the school, and involves parents, staff, and children in a common goal: the creation of a supportive educational environment where children’s enthusiasm for learning is fostered.