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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

What is the Young Kindergarten?

The young kindergarten is a two-year kindergarten experience for children who will turn 5 in September, October or November and for students who would be well served by two years in kindergarten regardless of chronological age. There are 6 young kindergarteners in a class of 24 children with two full teachers. Young kindergarteners are fully integrated into the kindergarten and work at their own developmental levels. The second year, they are called kindergarten leaders and fully rise to that role. Big curricular themes are taught in a two-year rotation so that curriculum is not repeated for the two-year students.

Who is eligible?

Students turning 5 in September, October or November of their entering year must apply for the young kindergarten program. Other children sometimes benefit from two years in the kindergarten for a variety of reasons and we are happy to discuss your child’s needs prior to or during the application process.