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Costa Rica

8th Grade

Our 8th graders grab their passports and head to Costa Rica for a week of exploration and service learning with the guides of Global Works. This trip is the culmination of their Spanish education at Synergy.

Costa Rica offers incredible geographic and biodiversity from the cloud forests of the Monteverde and Children's Eternal Reserve to the pristine beaches and rainforests of the Pacific coast.

Our students begin using their Spanish skills as soon as they land in San José. Their adventures include excursions to such places as Finca Doña Rosa coffee farm to brew their own coffee or a family-run organic farm and cheese factory where they make their own cheese. The following days are filled with community work projects ranging from building the foundation for a community center to tutoring elementary students in English. In addition, cultural exchange activities include soccer games, dances, talent shows, and cooking lessons. One highlight of the trip is a zip-line canopy tour in the rainforest.

Our students return home with a better understanding of Costa Rica and its role in conservation, biodiversity, ecotourism, and sustainable development.