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Library - 4th Grade

The library program fosters a love of reading, supports the school’s curriculum, and promotes curiosity and critical thinking. Fourth graders have a weekly library class, which includes storytelling, read-aloud, book talks, research and other learning activities, and time to choose and borrow books.

Units of Study
  • Review and expand on all K-3 skills
  • Introduce model research pattern (P.L.U.S. - Plan, Locate, Use, Self-Evaluate)
  • Pursue inquiry-based research projects related to classroom curriculum
  • Introduce use of the San Francisco Public Library (catalog, hold system, online resources)
  • Different strategies for researching in print versus online
  • Introduce how to select sources (relevant, appropriate, and reliable)
  • Emphasis is placed on evaluating information rather than just accepting what is written as true.
  • Work in groups to problem solve or research answers to questions
  • Debate different resolutions to a situation (in fiction or real event)
  • Write new endings for a story
  • Write short book recommendations
Approaches to Learning
  • Storytelling
  • Read-Aloud
  • Book Talks
  • Listening skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Text-to-self, text-to-world, and text-to-text connections
  • Exposure to diverse experiences and perspectives through literature
  • Exposure to different genres of literature
  • Hands-on exploration of the library
  • Field trip to San Francisco Public Library
  • Research activities
  • Author visits