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Math - 5th Grade

Math is taught by grade level in both large and small groupings. We use a variety of resources and teachers have all been trained in the Making Math Real approach. Students use manipulatives and online resources to enhance their learning.  

Math Concepts
  • Advanced place value to the billions
  • Multiplication and division review
  • Number theory: divisibility, factoring, primes, composites
  • Fractions: all operations and word problem applications
  • Decimals: place value, comparing and ordering, all operations
  • Geometry: polygons, solids, angles, protractors and construction, perimeter, area and volume
  • Algebra concepts: integer place value, integer combining, x-y coordinate plane

Approaches to Learning
  • Making Math Real
  • Mathematical Mindsets
  • Online interactive resources
  • Games
  • Manipulatives
  • Hands-on activities: cooking, building 3-D geometric shapes
  • Lawrence Hall of Science units: Math on the Menu and In All Probability