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Music - 1st Grade

The Synergy music program is based on the teaching philosophy of Carl Orff, who developed an approach that integrates music, movement, drama, and speech. Our curriculum is cumulative, not sequential. Once a concept or skill is introduced, students continue to work with it and deepen their learning.

Skills and Concepts
  • Introduce pentatonic scale through barred instruments (tied to literacy)
  • Composition through speech pieces
  • Hand clapping and body music sounds
  • Drone accompaniments to melody
  • Simple musical arrangements
  • Student choreography
  • Improvisation at barred instruments and percussion
  • Two hand mallet technique
  • Perform as ensemble
  • Independent execution of folk dance as group
  • Quarter notes, eighths notes, rests
  • Match pitch vocally and with awareness

The class presents at least two pieces every year at the Spring Concert at Herbst Theatre in San Francisco. Family and friends are invited to this school wide event.