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Physical Education - 4th Grade

Our physical education program is grounded in the philosophy that all students benefit from classes that emphasis life long fitness, as well as social and emotional health.

  • Cooperation
  • Taking turns
  • Understanding personal and team responsibilities (leadership, follow-ship)
  • Nutrition and its role in the development of the body
  • Identifying colors of the rainbow with produce
  • Identifying the 5 food groups and the importance of healthy eating
  • Knowledge of the muscular system expanded
  • Knowledge of the cardiovascular system
Approaches to Learning
  • Student-led calisthenics
  • Student-created and student-led games
  • Games from around the globe
  • Cooperative and team building games
  • Rhythm and movement activities
  • Balance exercises, large and small motor skill activities
  • Ball handling skills for team games
  • Increase endurance and stamina through games and individual practices
  • Build physical strength through exercises and activities
  • Skill and performance based activities
  • Testing on movement, speed, endurance, agility, and strength