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Spanish - 5th Grade

The Spanish program incorporates the power of art, music, poetry, hands-on activities, and story telling into language learning. The curriculum is based on thematic units that aim to develop communicative language skills and familiarity with the Latin American culture.

Thematic Units
  • Describing self and others
  • Expressing likes and dislikes
  • Expressing where someone is from
  • Expressing favorite foods
  • Expressing time and schedules
  • Nouns (masculine and feminine, singular and plural)
  • Subject pronouns
  • Verb Ser
  • Verb Tener
  • Using –ar, -er, -ir verb endings
  • Using de for origin
  • Adjectives (singular and plural)
  • Articles (definite and indefinite)
  • Terms of frequency
  • Using estar to express location
  • Using estar to describe emotion
Approaches to Learning
  • Role-plays
  • Working in conversational activities in pairs and small groups
  • Cultural projects
  • Workbooks and pedagogical materials that include authentic texts
  • Books
  • Manipulatives
  • Games
  • Songs
  • Field Trips