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Summer Art Activities

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

What a wonderful year of teaching and blogging I’ve had! I counted 76 posts (not counting today) from the 2015-2016 school year. The Synergy children created some outrageously beautiful and original art.

Are you looking for some art related activities to do this summer? Check out:

*The newly renovated SFMOMA on 3rd St between Mission and Howard. It is a gorgeous space. You will see all your old favorites plus many new acquisitions.

*The DeYoung Museum has a fun show “Ed Rusha and the Great American West” in Golden Gate Park, opening July 16th.

*The Legion of Honor Museum has a companion show to the De Young “Wild West: Plains to the Pacific” in Lincoln Park, opening June 18.

These are just a couple examples of exhibits to visit (ones I am planning to attend).

If you need something to do this summer, make some art! There are so many things to try! Bring your sketchbook or camera on vacation, paint, collage, make a sculpture out of recycled materials, draw with chalk on the sidewalk or make a sand sculpture on the beach. Search youtube for tutorials and learn something new. And please, please, bring in your most proud work for me to see when the school year starts again!

At the end of the week I am retreating to my studio for some much needed rest, reflection, and dreaming. I will be making my own art, visiting with family and friends, and planning new and exciting projects for the next school year.

Creatively yours,