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Terra Nova Testing

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

That time is almost here! Sixth and seventh graders will take the Terra Nova tests for Language Arts and Math on May 17, 18, and 19th. Students will take the tests between snack and lunch on these days. We will cover both test taking strategies as well as some practice materials next week in Math, Language Arts, and Advisory classes. Please help your child by making sure s/he gets a good night’s sleep, has a nutritious snack, and is present at school on these days! Please let your student’s advisor know if they will be absent so we can try to organize make-up times.

A little general info about Synergy’s testing philosophy:
Synergy does not rely on any single indicator to evaluate your child’s growth or to determine the success of our program. Simple instruments do not easily measure the most crucial indicators of growth and development. Some aspects of the learning process are obvious and we use direct tools such as teacher-developed tests. Others are intrinsic and require tools such as anecdotal notes and student portfolios.

We believe an over-reliance on standardized tests often results in a narrowing of curriculum to what is easily measured and therefore can lead to a de-emphasis on creativity, expression, collaboration, and critical thinking. However, we administer the Terra Nova achievement test to give our students the experience of preparing for and taking a nationally norm-referenced standardized test.TheTerra Nova is an achievement test; it is not an aptitude test. Achievement tests measure content-area knowledge and academic skills. Aptitude tests measure students’ verbal and math reasoning abilities and are used to predict future performance.

Any questions about Terra Nova? Or testing? Please contact your student’s advisor.